About the Book

Practical Ways to Protect Yourself, Your Children, and Your Wallet

After practicing family law for almost fifteen years, Marjorie Just has guided a broad range of individuals and couples through the end of their marriage or domestic partnership relationship. She well knows there can be healthy, cost-effective, amicable resolutions and destructive, damaging, and extraordinarily hostile and expensive ones. She has seen the good and the bad, the wise and the self-defeating.

In 'Divorce Decisions', Ms. Just provides an insider's look at the process of divorce, giving practical tips on coping as well as making legal, financial, parenting and life-strategy decisions. At the same time, she offers suggestions for minimizing the emotional trauma to oneself and one's children, and keeping the legal and other costs from spiraling out of control. The book covers step-by-step ways to find a lawyer, evaluate your options, and make the best decisions for yourself; navigate the system, be prepared so that you save money on attorney's fees, form a support system, protect your children, and prevent this from happening again.

Most books on divorce focus on the specifics of law, or deal more with the psychological and emotional aspects of divorce or its financial impact. 'Divorce Decisions' covers all of that and shows you exactly how to work effectively with an attorney through the process, a trained professional who can provide good counsel in addition to advocacy in court.